From portable rock crushers to, more recently in the mining industry, portable plants on tracks, we can haul it. AND, we have experience doing it. Many mining projects are located in remote areas, making permitting over-dimensional loads challenging. Our expert in-house permit staff is mindful of this, and works with necessary state agencies to narrow down the safest route for your project.

Our close relationship with some of the leading mining, asphalt and construction companies have given us years of experience with rock crushing plant relocation projects. Our customers even request for us to travel to different states to move their local equipment.

Not only do we work for independent private companies, we also work with the actual manufacturers of rock crushers and other related equipment. This allows us the opportunity to take your equipment from original purchase at the port to your smallest or largest mining site. Do you need to move an entire fixed rock quarry plant? Or what about a Hitachi 1800 shovel? We can coordinate the dismantling, crane service and reassembly with reputable companies as well as our customary expert drivers. Truly providing hauling solutions from start to finish for all of your mining, mobile equipment and plant moves.

J&D Specialized Equipment Hauling is 100% asset based,
meaning we DO NOT broker your freight.
Your equipment means as much to us as our own equipment does,
and we treat it as such.

If you are in need of specialized equipment hauling, click the button below, fill out the following form, and we will get back to you soon.