Try balancing a ball on your head…It’s natural tendency is to roll, right?  Sometimes this is what it is like to haul tanks, towers and vessels. We are prepared to face these challenges head on with our specialized tank trailers, steerable multi-axle setups and steerable dolly setups. Our specialized engineer will review your drawings and create a load configuration showing your specific load on our trailer.

A project manager will perform a transportation site visit, whether it is at a manufacturing plant or an old unit being relocated. The project manager will review the origin and destination and determine the most feasible route. If you need a crane or dismantling company, our project manager can coordinate that for you. Whether your tower is 200’ long or your vessel is 16’ in diameter, rest assured that we have experience moving this type of equipment. 

J&D Specialized Equipment Hauling is 100% asset based,
meaning we DO NOT broker your freight.
Your equipment means as much to us as our own equipment does,
and we treat it as such.

If you are in need of specialized equipment hauling, click the button below, fill out the following form, and we will get back to you soon.