Power Generation

Our experience hauling transformers, rotors, wind mill motors, control buildings and turbines just skim the surface in the Power Generation world. Don’t shake the baby… we have a clean record of successfully hauling transformers from manufacturing facilities to substations, never triggering the factory installed monitoring systems. If you are relocating a transformer from one substation to another, we can contract the jack and slide for removal and, if needed, the crane service for loading and unloading on your project.

Wind Energy is the wave of the future. We have transported hundreds of windmill motors from the factory to windmill farm sites all over the country, as well as utilizing our specialized trailers for the transport of the tower sections.

J&D Specialized Equipment Hauling is 100% asset based,
meaning we DO NOT broker your freight.
Your equipment means as much to us as our own equipment does,
and we treat it as such.

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