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*The estimate is based upon the dimensions and weights provided by the customer. * The shipper and the consignee are responsible for providing clear access to and from the jobsite. * The shipper and the consignee are to assist in the assembly and disassembly of all J&D heavy haul equipment when needed. *This estimate is contingent upon securing permits from all proper governing agencies. * It is the responsibility of the shipper, contractor, or consignee to post any bond required for this move on any city, county, or state highway. This cost is not included in the estimates. * If the cargo value exceeds $1 Million, J&D must be notified prior to the move and the cost of additional insurance will be the responsibility of the consignee.  * This estimate is for transportation only.

Limited Liability Notice:  By accepting this quote and released value rate acknowledges that J&D Equipment Hauling is in no event liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages relating to any loss or damage or delay in transportation, including loss of use, loss of market, or lost profits.